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Check engine light codes are important for Dodge RAM 1500 vehicle owners! What is Dodge RAM 1500 Check Engine Light Codes? (2022)

Check engine light codes are important for Dodge RAM 1500 vehicle owners. To read the ram 1500 check engine codes of your Dodge vehicle, you need special equipment that detects codes. These code readers are available in special services. But if you want to read the codes yourself and solve the problem, you can buy yourself an OBDII code reader.

This code reader is a kind of professional device that will help you understand the problem by showing you the codes. Some check engine light codes and their meanings that will be useful to you after purchasing them are listed below;

  1. Codes: P0171 – P0175: Codes in this range detect the oxygen level of your vehicle and inform you about the problem. According to the codes, you can see if the oxygen level in your system is low or high and you can solve the problem.
  2. Codes: P0411, P0440, P0442, P0446, P0455: Codes in this range inform you of problems in your evaporative system. Indicates a malfunction or a problem with the flow.
  3. Codes: P0300 – P0305: Codes in this range indicate engine misfires and troubles.
  4. Code: P0401: This code refers to problems with the circulation of the exhaust gas.
  5. Codes: P0420, P0430: Codes in this range indicate problems with the Catalytic converter.
Dodge RAM 1500 - Check Engine Light Codes
Dodge RAM 1500 – Check Engine Light Codes

The other check engine light codes you can encounter;

  • P0031 – Open or Short to “Mass” of Oxygen Circuit No. 1
  • Poo36 – O2 Heater Heater Circuit Malfunction
  • P0113 – High-Temperature Circuit
  • P0217 – Engine Cooling System Overheating
  • P0505 – Idle Speed Control Circuit Malfunction

How To Read Dodge RAM 1500 Check Engine Light Codes Without Scanner?

There are many alternative ways to read check engine light codes without a code reader. A paperclip without plastic covering the outside, jumping wires, the repair manual, and a pen and paper are all you need. Turn your vehicle’s ignition on and off without starting your engine. After that, you should leave the switch in the on position.

After this procedure, your vehicle will check for previously saved problem codes. The light in the service engine box will flash. What you need to pay attention to after this step is that each pulse represents a number. But sometimes these codes can appear even without a pulse.

Dodge RAM 1500 - Check Engine Light Codes
Dodge RAM 1500 – Check Engine Light CodesOBDII Scanner

What Happens If You Don’t Get Your Dodge Ram 1500 Check Engine Light Fixed?

If the check engine light comes on, you should identify the problem and look for a radical solution instead of resetting it. Resetting and continuing on the road can be dangerous in some cases. If the problem is beyond your control, you should seek an urgent call service or a professional car mechanic. If you have a code scanner you can scan the codes and find out and fix the problem. You’ve identified the problem, now it’s time to reset it.

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